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Art project Ebakõla/Dissonance, 17.05.2016-24.05.2016 Saaremaa

Art project Ebakõla/Dissonance took place 17.05.2016-24.05.2016 in Kuressaare, Saaremaa light traffic area.

Ebakõla/Dissonance is site specific art, which is a sculpture or installatsion made from openly choosen materials, in the light traffic area, total length of 23,848 km. Light traffic roads are popular for walking, running and they are also intensively used for rollerskating among citizens.

Gotland: Berit Ångman-Svedjemo and Anna Viktoria Norberg
Aland: Ursula Katarina Sepponen and Nayab Noor Ikram
Hiiumaa: Kalli Sein and Valev Sein
Rügen: Ellen Kock (EllenNa) and Monika Ringat
Saaremaa: Maila Juns-Veldre and Sander Raudsepp

View pictures at the address

B7 artists plugged in

Artists from all B7 island stayed for a week in Kärdla (Hiiumaa) for a joint project to create installations from materials found on site. "We have never had an international art event of such a large scale here in Hiiumaa", said Ermo Mäeots, the representative of the B7 workgroup People-to-People, on the opening of the exhibition. "It is truly a historic moment". The exhibition that followed the project was opened on 5th of June in the old Kärdla Electric Plant under the heading: Vool/The Flow. Or, if translate the word from Estonian in accordance with the site of the exhibition: The Current.

Participating artists are: Ellen Kock and Stefan Walkowiak (Rügen), Lene Degett (Bornholm), Helle Kvamme ( Öland), Jennie Olofsson (Gotland), Minna Öberg (Åland), Richard Kuusk and Sander Raudsepp (Saaremaa), Valev Sein and Kalli Sein, Maret Kukkur, Ott Lambing, Märt Rannast, Lia Lüdig-Algvere, Toomas Kokovkin, Natalia Kuhi, Sulev Loopalu and the Ceramic Group of Tubala Aanagama (Hiiumaa).

The exhibition stays open for the summer in Kärdla Electric Plant. Contact: Kalli Sein +372 5032246

Vool 1  Vool 2

Invitation to B7 art project VOOL FLOW Hiiumaa

B7 FLOW invitation

to participate in B7art project on Hiiumaa


Kärdla Power Station, 2 Vabaduse, Kärdla, Hiiumaa
The exhibition is open from June until the end of August 2014.
(In addition, a rotating photo exhibition "Meet Art from the B7 Islands"of the previous art projects on the islands of Rügen, Gotland, and Åland is open)

Four years in a row, artists from seven largest Baltic islands (Bornholm, Oland, Gotland, Rügen, Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Åland) come together, and the joint creative movement started in Rügen, continued in Gotland and Åland flows this year to Hiiumaa, Kärdla Power Station, for this unique complex to once again be filled with power during the summer 2014.

You are invited to spend a week in the small capital town of Kärdla in Hiiumaa, as well as to create and exhibit together in the cosy silence of the garden city site-specific, and filled with energy, flowing, powerful, charged, exciting artwork.

Project Location

Kärdla diesel power plant built in 1954-1979 was in use until the second half of the 1970s, when island was merged with the cable running electrical power to the mainland.
After having been closed, the plant served as a reserve station retaining authentic equipment installed 40 years ago. Surprisingly, some of the equipment is still in working order, being the only one of its' kind in Estonia.
The power station is under state protection as both a technological and construction monument and has never been repaired – the true Soviet atmosphere and Leninist slogans have been fully preserved.

B7 FLOW invitationB7 FLOW invitation

In summer, cultural events are organised in and around the station for people to find themselves in an environment entirely different from the garden city romance – in a world of diesel odour charged with drowsing energy.

B7 FLOW invitation

Now, it is our turn to shake the station up, charge and fill it with the FLOW!

B7 FLOW invitation

The complex is large and includes plenty of spaces and dark corners; on the three floors, there are large generator halls, cabinets, switchboard rooms, etc. Artists are free to use nearly all the rooms. In the rooms, in the spaces between the machines, under the ceilings, or at hoist ends, artwork done using different techniques can be exhibited, for example - sculptures, paintings, photographs, and installations of all kinds.

Flying, compound, large, and at the same time, small, concentrated, andexciting. The project title FLOW allows for the inclusion of the word in all semantic fields (flow, current, stream, flux, tide).

The place is loaded and intriguing but this makes our mission even more challenging and interesting.

We hope you get charged up with ideas!

B7 FLOW invitationB7 FLOW invitation

Any recommendations, suggestions, or objections are welcome.

B7 FLOW invitation

Initial Schedule

Thursday, May 29 - preferable arrival;
Friday, May 30 - Tour of the power plant, introduction and exchange of ideas;
Saturday, May 31 - Project preparation, short tour of the southern part of the island (Kassari, Garfish festival, etc.);
Sunday, June 1 - Tour of the western part of the island, Tahkuna and Ristna peninsulas, lighthouses;
Monday, June 2 - Work on the project;
Tuesday, June 3 - Work on the project;
Wednesday, June 4 - Work on the project;
Thursday, June 5 - Final preparations and exhibition opening in the evening;
Friday, June 6 - Departure

Please send us participation confirmation before 10.02.2014 and your initial ideas, project specifications, material requirements, and participation confirmation before 30.03.2014.

We have a building materials store in Kärlda and some second hand stores. If you describe your needs, we will try to find solutions. You can also bring or send prepared or ready artworks.

Provided at Kärdla, Rannakivi Holiday Home (Rannakivi Puhkemaja, Uus 34, Kärdla).and in other locations nearby, if needed. Very close to the sea and the working place.

Tours to Kassari (picturesque southern part of Hiiumaa, short visit to Garfish Festival and studios of local artists) and to Tahkuna and Kõpu peninsula (with one of the world's oldest working lighthouses).

As the presiding island of B7 in 2014, we are happy to welcome artists from our largest neighbouring islands on Hiiumaa.

Watching the development of this project has been a pleasure, and I am sure that it has had a positive impact on co-operation between the largest islands of the Baltic Sea in the field of art and culture.

The meetings of artists have always given significant creative results, which I have been fortunate to experience every time.

Wishing you a brilliant surge of inspiration,
Ermo Mäeots
Hiiu County Government
Head of Department
Member of B7 People to people WG

Kalli and Valev Sein, project coordinators
Phone: +3725032246
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should you not be able to attend or not be interested, please pass the information and the invitation on to another artist representing your home island.

Links: (in Estonian, tab 'galerii'- pictures) (my pictures of Power Plant) (guest house) (ferries from mainland to Hiiumaa) (flights from Tallinn to Kärdla) (destinations – islands, Hiiumaa) of Hiiumaa)
Facebook.compage – VOOL FLOW (you can find with these keywords)

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