Mon, Oct 21, 2019


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Artists from all B7 island stayed for a week in Kärdla (Hiiumaa) for a joint project to create installations from materials found on site. "We have never had an international art event of such a large scale here in Hiiumaa", said Ermo Mäeots, the representative of the B7 workgroup People-to-People, on the opening of the exhibition. "It is truly a historic moment". The exhibition that followed the project was opened on 5th of June in the old Kärdla Electric Plant under the heading: Vool/The Flow. Or, if translate the word from Estonian in accordance with the site of the exhibition: The Current.

Participating artists are: Ellen Kock and Stefan Walkowiak (Rügen), Lene Degett (Bornholm), Helle Kvamme ( Öland), Jennie Olofsson (Gotland), Minna Öberg (Åland), Richard Kuusk and Sander Raudsepp (Saaremaa), Valev Sein and Kalli Sein, Maret Kukkur, Ott Lambing, Märt Rannast, Lia Lüdig-Algvere, Toomas Kokovkin, Natalia Kuhi, Sulev Loopalu and the Ceramic Group of Tubala Aanagama (Hiiumaa).

The exhibition stays open for the summer in Kärdla Electric Plant. Contact: Kalli Sein +372 5032246

Vool 1  Vool 2

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