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Series of B7 Art Projects started in 2011 with SceneChange Project on Rügen, followed by Bungenäs 2012 on Gotland and MEE/AT Art - from the B7 islands on Aland islands in 2013. 

Get out of comfort zone

B7 Art symposium and Exhibition in Orangerie Putbus, May 24 to July 7, 2018

B7 Art project 2018 RügenIn 2011, the first artist symposium "SceneChange" of the B7 Islands took place on Rügen. This was followed by symposia on Gotland, Åland Islands, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. The goals of these encounters are to exchange ideas and experiences of artists from the Baltic region, to get to know each other and to work together. The B7 artists worked this year from May 24 to June 1, 2018 on "Get out of the comfort zone" on Rügen. In order to allow a broad public to participate in the symposia since 2011, the documentation of the resulting works and installations is integrated into this exhibition.

GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE - Don’t we find ourselves dissatisfied again and again ... in a world of abundance, of a life in the comfort zone? It is the area of ​​routines, habits, good care. The comfort zone is very cozy, seductive and persistent. Don’t we lock ourselves in ... or out? What's all on the sacrificial table for the preservation of this seemingly safe zone? Don’t we build the walls of the comfort zone ourselves?

How do the new media affect perseverance in the comfort zone and how could, how would our world look like if we stepped out of the comfort zone more often? Do we really want change instead of boxing and acting? Then we could start with mindfulness and ask ourselves what is our personal share of deficiencies.

Let us consider the work of the artists as an experiment to broaden the horizons and personal boundaries and their reflections as an impetus for all of us.

B7 Art project 2018 Rugen Lars ALL 8529 B7 Art project 2018 Rugen Lene2 8975 B7 Art project 2018 Rugen Orangerie Docu3 B7 Art project 2018 Rugen Orangerie

B7 Art project Rugen Partizipater 2018

Speech at the opening of GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE exhibition

held by Frank Otto Sperlich, artist and representative of Culture Foundation Rügen


Dear ladies, dear gentlemen, dear art lovers,

"Get out of the comfort zone". The invitation card even states "Well, come on out of the comfort zone" – that is like an order. Thinking of the term COMFORT ZONE, I realized how differently this concept can be interpreted. Our artists were asked to shape their view of the subject. I’d like to give you some examples of the term COMFORT ZONE as I see it. So what can COMFORT ZONE be:
Let's start right at the beginning. The birth. When we leave the maternal body we leave the COMFORT ZONE for the first time. Perhaps the most dramatic step in our live - and this right at the beginning.

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