Sun, Jan 26, 2020


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TRANSPLAN (website link) is a project of 30 months that started in September 2007. Its full title is "Transparent Energy Planning and Implementation".

It is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme (IEE).

The TransPlan project will introduce a tool for systematic and transparent monitoring of energy consumption within a geographical area by elaboration of energy balances. This tool will be made publicly available.

The project will demonstrate how to integrate this tool in the democratic process i.e. by evaluating the progress in replacement of fossil fuels in a municipality or a region every second year and providing politicians with the most important key figures: Costs of imported fuel to the area, CO2 emissions, utilisation of RES, conversion efficiency, reduction in end use etc.

The TransPlan project will produce 5 new energy plans for 5 islands. These plans will contain tools for the:

  • systematic monitoring of the development in energy consumption, 
  • demonstration of more efficient implementation methods,
  • dissemination and creation of networks for sharing experience.

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