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B7 Baltic Islands Network


The B7 has a rotating chairmanship and in 2006 Åland had the responsibility to coordinate the organisation. 

Sustainable islands in the Baltic Sea: - environment, energy and economy - 

The Themes:

Extending networks, Increasing knowledge, Evaluating activities, Developing strategies

for co-operation, influence and innovative action and to learn, plan and develop for sustainable islands

Programme B7 Åland Chairmanship 2006

B7 Secretariat Åland

President B7: Britt Lundberg
Chairperson B7 Board: Susanne Andersson
Secretariat: Ann Wallskog
Facilitator: David Hunt


B7 Newsbrief nr. 3, 2006

- B7 at Conference in Helsinki, 13-15 November
- Speech of the B7 President
- B7 at BSSSC Conference in Kiel
- B7 and Energy
- B7 summer activities and events
- B7 and Baltic Sea Cooperation
- B7 Annual Conference 2006

B7 at conference in Helsinki, 13-15 November
[17 November 2006]

The B7 Baltic Islands Network participated in the Conference Exhibition of the conference "Baltic Sea and European Marine Strategy - Linking Science and Policy" in Helsinki, Finland 13-15 November 2006.
See entire press release (pdf).

B7 at BSSSC Conference in Kiel
[8 November 2006]

The B7 voice was heard at the BSSSC conference in Kiel 20-21 September 2006. The theme of the conference was the Maritime Policy Green Book and the conference started with an open debate with Dr Joe Borg, EU Commissioner, responsible for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. Dr Borg participated in most of the conference and also took part of the conference resolution.

The B7 President 2006, Britt Lundberg , participated in the conference and made several inputs to the debate and the discussion. Ms Lundberg started her speech with pointing out that the Baltic Sea is very important for us as islanders. She said, “For us living in small islands in the Baltic Sea the sea is our amniotic fluid – our life.

More information on the conference
For B7 Positions see B7 Documents.

B7 at the Conference
“Baltic Sea and European Marine Strategy - Linking Science and Policy”
[6 November 2006]

The B7 will take part in the conference exhibition at the Baltic Sea and European Marine Strategy Conference in Helsinki 13-15 November. On the conference last day the B7 President 2006, Ms Britt Lundberg, will give a speech during the session “linking science and policy”. The title of Ms Lundbergs speech is "Regional co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region, the Island view".

See the conference website for more information
This is where you will find us (pdf).
Conference exhibition brochure (pdf).
Conference declaration (pdf).

The B7 and Öland holds a Breakfast Seminar [6 November 2006]

The B7 and Öland holds a Breakfast Seminar on how the islands can attract new people to the islands. Öland has experienced that people from other parts of Sweden and from all over Europe have found Öland an attractive living environment. The result has been that several of them have moved to the island.

Öland wants to chare their experiences and invites representatives from the B7 islands to a Breakfast seminar.

Date: 22 November 2006
Time: 08.00 – 09.00
Venue: Hotell Arkipelag, Mariehamn, Åland

Invitation (pdf).


B7 Annual Conference 21 November [27 October 2006]

The purpose of the Conference is to discuss the European Maritime Policy and how we together can influence the outcome of the green book. Our ambition is that invited speakers give the foundation for discussions around different themes on the Maritime Policy Green book.

Speakers at the Conference area
- Britt Lundberg, President of the B7 2006 and Member of the Government of Åland
- The European Commission, representative from the Maritime Policy Taskforce
- Lasse Wiklöf, Member of the Government of Åland
- Stefan Wallin, State Secretary and Future Minister of Environment of Finland
- Maria Wetterstrand, Spokesperson of the Swedish Green Party
- Representatives from The Baltic Sea Organisations, BSSSC, CBSS, and UBC.

Also, in the morning of the 21 November the Government of Åland will hold a seminar for Åland Stakeholders concerning the European Maritime Policy.

Go to conference
Registration form (doc)

For more information please see the Conference programme or contact the B7 Secretariat e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BEN news from BEN project [10 October 2006]

B7 took part in the seminar on EL Structural Policy 2007-13 organised by Interreg IIIB project BEN and CBSS Secretariat a for the partners of BEN project. The seminar took place in Regeringskansliet in Stockholm, on 5th of October.

For more information visit BEN project homepage

Maritime Strategies & Sustainable Islands [2 October 2006]

B7 Annual Conference 2006
21 November 2006
Åland Parliament building, Mariehamn, Åland

The B7 Åland Chairmanship welcomes you to a conference on Maritime Strategies and Sustainable Islands in the Baltic Sea.

The Chairmanship invites politicians, civil servants, persons working with environmental issues and Maritime Strategies from the B7 islands, together with representatives from the B7 countries, the Baltic Sea Organisations, and EU institutions.

The purpose of the Conference is to discuss the European Maritime Policy and how we together can influence the outcome of the green book.

Our ambition is that invited speakers give the foundation for discussions around different themes on the Maritime Policy Green book.

If you have any questions concerning the conference please do not hesitate to contact the B7 Secretariat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Poster (A3 format)

B7 co-operation on energy [29 August 2006]

The B7 islands have decided to start a co-operation project in energy. Already next week, 5-6 Sept, representatives from the B7 islands will meet in Bornholm to discuss the project.

The first step of the project will aim at getting all the islands up-to-date energy plans. In the next step the energy plans will be used to find common ground for future projects.

The islands are hoping that this will generate future energy projects where the B7 islands can help each other and work together for more sustainable islands in the Baltic Sea. ...more

B7 Position Paper on the Marine Strategy [12 July 2006]

In March 2006 the B7, Baltic Islands Network, met with Tuula Vaaris at the permanent Finnish representation in Brussels to discuss the thematic strategy on the protection and conservation of the marine environment and the Marine Strategy Directive.

The marine environment is very important to all islands and coastal areas around the Baltic Sea and since the B7, Baltic Islands Network, represent the seven largest islands in the Baltic Sea we are now presenting our position. ...more

B7 Summer activities and events [6 July 2006]

The B7 organises and/or contributes to several activities around the Baltic this summer.

The B7 Chess festival in Hiiumaa, 14-16 July
The B7 Chess festival is organised by Hiiumaa and the Estonian chess federation and there will be participants from all B7 islands. For more information se the B7 People to people pages and the Estonian chess federation website ...more

The grand theatre night in Saaremaa, 15-16 July
The theatre festival consists of two parts: Theatre Day and Theatre Night and there will be participants from Åland, Gotland, Rügen, Hiiumaa, and Saaremaa. ...more

Åland Maritime Event, 18-23 July
The Åland Chairmanship has invited the islands to participate in the Maritime Event that takes place in Åland 18-23 July. There will be traditional ships, sailing vessels and farm boats, a race, displays, sales and entertainment. Thursday 20 July is dedicated to the guests from Hiiumaa, Estonia. ...more

B7 games, Hiiumaa 26-29 July
The B7 games is organised every second year and this year it is Hiiumaa that invites participants, children 14-16 years, from the islands. The events are: Soccer, beach-volleyball and track-and-field-athletics....more

The B7 Åland Chairmanship wishes you a great summer!

Newsletter from WorkGroup Environment [21 June 2006]

Just in time for the B7 Energy Conference the WorkGroup Environment came out with a newlsetter.
Read more about what they are working with WG Environment Newsletter (pdf)

- B7 and energy
- The Baltic Master Project
- NATURA 2000, Implementation of EU nature areas in the B 7 islands

B7 Position Paper on Europe's strategy for the Baltic Sea Region [19 May 2006]

B7 Position: Europe's strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, proposed by the Baltic Europe Intergroup of the European Parliament

When in Brussels in March the B7 met with four members from the European Parliament and the Baltic Europe Intergroup. The topic for the meeting was a sustainable Baltic Sea Region and Europe's strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The Baltic Europe Intergroup asked for the opinion of the B7 and a few weeks later the B7 put forward a position paper on the subject. For more information, see links below.

Europe's strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
B7 Position Papers

B7 Annual Report 2005, Gotland Chairmanship [19 May 2006]

The focus for the B7 Gotland Chairmanship 2005 was;
- Developing strength through education
- Regional development in the BSR
- Promoting youth and culture
- Benefiting from political strengths and partnerships
For more information, see: B7 Annual reports

BEN project Seminar [5 May 2006]

The B7 is a project partner in the BEN (Baltic Euroregional Network) project and the B7 Board attended the BEN seminar “Public Relations and Information Strategy in Cross Boarder Cooperation" held on Hiiumaa the 27 April.
Please see the seminar programme for more information on the programme BEN Project. The seminar gave the participants a good overview with presentations on public relations and contact with the media from both an academic point of view and a practical point of view.

B7 Newsbrief nr. 2, 2006 [21 Apr 2006]

- B7 Åland Chairmanship
- B7 in Helsinki
- B7 in Brussels
- B7 Position papers
- BEN Conference in Hiiumaa
- Energy Conference in June
- The CPMR and the Baltic Sea Commission

Can the B7 Islands manage without oil in the future? [20 Apr 2006]

B7 Energy Conference, 7 – 8 June 2006

The B7 Åland Chairmanship invites representatives from the B7 islands to a Conference on Energy the 7 – 8 of June 2006. ...more. programme (pdf)

BEN Conference in Hiiumaa 26-28 April 2006 [20 Apr 2006]
The 2nd BEN Steering Committee Meeting and a Seminar on Public Relations and Information Strategy in cross-border cooperation.
Draft programme: BEN draft programme (pdf)

For more information, please visit: BEN Project

B7 Brussels 29-30 March 2006 [3 Apr 2006]
Two to four participants from each of the B7 islands participated in the B7 Brussels event last week.

Among other things we had meetings about Europe’s strategy for the Baltic Sea region, the up-coming Maritime Policy, the thematic strategy for Marine Environment.
We met with:

the Baltic Europe Intergroup, BEI
- Henrik Lax, Fi
- Satu Hassi, Fi
- Anneli Jäätenmäki, Fi
- Alfred Gomolka, Ger
Paul Niemitz, Deputy head of the Commissions Task Force for Maritime Policy
Tuula Varis, Finlands representative in writing the thematic strategy for Marine Environment
CPMR, The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

The B7 President 2006, Britt Lundberg, was very happy with the days and the meetings in Brussels and now she is looking forward to a year of good results and important networking.

B7 representatives attended the Islenet conference on Energy, 28-29 March 2006 [3 Apr 2006]
Representatives from islands all over Europe gathered for two days to network and discuss sustainable energy. There were several presentations from different islands and also time for discussions and networking.

B7 is organising a conference on energy in June, more information will be available shortly.

B7 has lost a friend [22 Mar 2006]
"Lennart Meri, former President of Estonia,
was a formidable father figure in Estonia's rediscovery of its national identity", states the Times of London in its obituary.

He was a great man who oversaw Estonia's entry into the EU. He was also a great friend of the B7 who first met with B7 in 1997 (see picture fourth from right) and was the key speaker at the Enlargement Conference on Hiiumaa in 2003 organised under the B7 Hiiumaa Chairmanship.

B7 in Brussels [16 Mar 2006]
The Baltic Island Network will be in Brussels 29-31 March 2006. On the programme for this three-day event you can among other things find:

Meetings with:
- BEI, Baltic Europe Intergroup
- CPMR, Peripheral Maritime Regions in Europe

Meetings about:
- The Maritime Strategy
- The thematic Strategy for Marine Environment

And of course Board- and Steering Committee Meetings.

Åland's new Board Representative [5 Feb 2006]
The Government of Åland has a new Board member on the B7 Board. The new Board member, and Chairman of the B7 Åland Chairmanship 2006, is Susanne Andersson.
Both the B7 President 2006, Britt Lundberg, and the B7 Chairman 2006, Susanne Andersson, are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful year of the B7 Åland Chairmanship 2006.

Britt and Susanne want to encourage all B7 members to participate in the conferences, seminars and meetings in the programme for this year.
Britt also wants to take the opportunity to emphasise the importance of participation from both the Board and the Steering Committee.
To all B7 members; welcome to Åland in June!

B7 Åland Chairmanship has begun [5 Feb 2006]
The first B7 Board meeting of the year was held in a cold and windy Helsinki.
The Board had a study visit on the 18th and then the Board Meeting, including two invited guests, was held on the 19th of January.

18th of January, Study visit to Helcom
Kaj Forsius, Professional Secretary at HELCOM, gave the Board a presentation on
“How to protect regional seas - experience of the Helsinki Commission”.

19th of January
A representative from the Finnish Ministry for EU Affairs, Juri Ollila, gave the Board a presentation on the Finnish approach to a Maritime Policy.

Programme Manager and BONUS Network Co-ordinator Dr. Kaisa Kononen gave a presentation on the BONUS project.

Oil pollution off the coast of Estonia! [1 Feb 2006]
On 28th of January, NW coastline of Estonia was hit with the most severe oil pollution.

The oil is found so far on 25 km of coast line from Dirham harbour to Paldiski harbour. Affected are islands of Osmussaar, Vormsi, and the coastline of Finland. President of Estonia Rüütel and Minister of Environment will visit the site on Wednesday.

Thousands of waterfowls are damaged and dying because of oil pollution. Estonian Environmental Agency together with police initiated the criminal investigation to reveal the responsible of the damage. On 26th and 27th of January more than 100 vessels crossed the area of damage.

 Åland Chairmanship Year [1 Jan 2006]
2006 see Åland holding the reins of B7. The new secretary for the B7 is Ann Wallskog.
Ann can be contacted at:

Ann Wallskog
B7 Åland Secretariat 2006
The Government of Åland
Tel: + 358 18 25 000
GSM +358 457 342 53 25
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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