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B7 Bornholm Chairmanship 2007

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AC Afternoon Session: Enterprise Development

    “The days of the subsidy culture are gone!”
    “Bornholm - open all year!”
    “A fantastic place for children to grow up!”
    “Bornholm must become an island that can look after itself!”

All of the above headlines reporting on Bornholm’s Growth Forum. No one can deny that these are visionary goals and fantastic ambitions!
How does Bornholm plan to link vision, ambition and reality? What does it mean that Bornholm is “open all year”? And what constitutes a fantastic place for Children to grow up?
We have invited some of the key people working with business development to our conference.

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Meet the Danish Government


B7 meet the Denmark Government

B7 visit the Denmark Government in Copenhagen to find out at first hand about the local governement reforms in Denmark.

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