Fri, Dec 06, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network


The main conference day was 06 December and was divide into 2 sessions. The morning sesion covered the Bornholm Chairmanship Year 2007, projects implemented and projects started, and project ideas and palns for the future plus a look at the B7 Saaremaa Chairmanship 2008 programme.

Moderator: Jørgen Kvist
09.00-09.10 Welcome: The First Vice Mayor of Bornholm,  Jacob Kjøller

09.10-09.30 The B7 Bornholm Chairmanship report 2007 David Hunt

09.30-10.00 Major B7 Projects
                       BEN Project: Reet Kokovkin
                       Baltic Master: Jørgen Jespersen and Tommy Eliasson
                       Transplan Energy Project: Jørgen Jespersen

10.00-10.20  WG PtP:  Henrik Eybye Nielsen & Martina Schwinkendorf

10.20-10.45 Coffee Break

10.45-11.00 B7 Facilitator’s Report: David Hunt

11.00-11.10 Project Ideas.
                      Baltic Sea Environmental Association:  Morten van Donk
                      Youth and Unemployment:  Anders Nyholm

11.20-11.40 The B7 Saaremaa Chairmanship 2008,  Toomas Kasemaa, Saaremaa Governor

12.00-13.00 Lunch

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