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The Annual Conference of the B7 Bornholm Chairmanship 2007 was held in Allinge on Bornholm from 05-07 December 2007.


05 Dec: Internal meetings
06 Dec: Main Conference Day: "The B7 Year and Enterprise Development"
07 Dec: Political meeting of the B7 Steering Committee
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The main conference day was 06 December and was divide into 2 sessions. The morning sesion covered the Bornholm Chairmanship Year 2007, projects implemented and projects started, and project ideas and palns for the future plus a look at the B7 Saaremaa Chairmanship 2008 programme.

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Morning Session: The B7 Year 2007 and plans for 2008.


The afternoon session focused on Enterprise Development using Borholm as a case study. They key issues for several of the speakers was people, competences and life long learning. From the academic viewpoint Peer Ederer clearly shoed the cas for life long learning and the benefits for people and the economy with the them: "education is everything!". Peter Billing focused on social capital. Steen Nielsen, the Chief Executive Officer for Jensen Denmark, that the most important issues for companies in the light engineering sector was a focus on people and developing competencies.

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Afternoon Session: Conference “Enterprise Development


It was quite clear that islands should focus on what they can do and not bemoan the fact that they do not have a university department. In fact supporting the development of job skills, developing local institutions and training centres to deliver first clas competencies for local companies can gvve the greatest return on investment.

B7 Conference in Allinge

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