Mon, Oct 21, 2019


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tobiaswinceJohanna Jahnke from Rügen Music School (Marina Lebedeva class) won the Grand Prix in Tobias Piano Festival, Hiiumaa. Every second year young piano students gather to Käina Fine Arts School (island of Hiiumaa) to celebrate the music.


Since 2001 B7 islands participate in the event.

This year, on 29-30th of May, piano players from Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Aland and Rügen were competing with students from music schools all over Estonia, altogether there were 31 participants.

Johanna Hahnke was awarded with the Grand Prix in the age group up to 12 years, Christina Kuhn (also Rügen) got the nomination for the best Tobias interpretation in age group 13-14 years, Susanna Jahnke won the best Tobias interpretation in age group 15-19 and Britta Virves from Saaremaa got the prize for best interpretation of freely selected music (Claude Debussy’s Moonlight).

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