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B7 meet with DG Regio

B7 meet with EU Parliament Baltic Europe Intergroup

B7 meet with DG Mare

Kadri Uustal Estonian Representation in Brussels
Kadri Uustal
Estonian Representation
in Brussels 

From 010-03 April B7 politicians and public officials held a series of meetings with officials from:

  • DG Regio on the EU's Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • EU Parliament's Baltic Europe Intergroup on the Baltic Sea Strategy and island isssues.
  • DG Mare to follow up on what is happening with Maritime Policy as it affects the Baltic Sea Region.

Kadri Uustal was one of the many who helped B7 with organising meetings and preparing policy discussions.


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B7 Islands & People.
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B7 Islands & People.
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icon 0803 Brussels Programme

Each year the chairmanship organises a programme in Brussels for the B7 politicians and senior officials to meet with key actors from EU institutions to discuss EU policy and actions relating to islands. This year’s Brussels visit is on 01-03 April  2008. The programme covers:

  • EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Maritime Blue Paper
  • EU Parliament’s report on islands.

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