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2009 Öland Chairmanship

Draft Chairmanship Programme 2009

27-28 Jan:
23-26 Mar:
01-03 Jun:
28 Jun-04 Jul:
24-27 Sep:
Nov 30-02 Dec:
Nov 30-Dec 11:
Board meeting in Stockholm
SC & Board meeting in Brussels.
SC & Board Summer Event on Öland
Almedalen Week: Gotland
Öland's "Skördefest" Harvest Festival
B7 Annual Conference
COP 15 Climate Summit in CPH
Themes for B7 Öland Chairmanship
  • What can farmers do for a better BSR environment?
  • Sweden EU Presidency
  • 20th Anniversary of B7
Key External Events in 2009
  • Swedish EU Presidency: Jul-Dec 2009
  • EU Baltic Sea Strategy:
  • EU Parliament Elections:
  • Climate Summit in Copenhagen: Dec 2009

Öland B7 Chairmanship Team

tommyeTommy Eliasson
B7 President 2009
+46 70 55 61015

andersnAnders Nyholm
Chair B7 Board

Bredesjö Budge
B7 Secretariat
+46 761283407

jeurgensJörgen Samuelsson
B7 Board
46 485 88704

seppoeSeppo Ekelund
B7 Roving Supporter
+46 485 88019
matslMats Lindahl
WG Environment
+46 485 47060

B7 Annual Conference on Öland

On the 1st December the Öland chairmanship managed to gather 70 people in Borgholm on Öland to discuss the Future of the Baltic Sea. All the speakers had good views on how to use the oportunity the Baltic Sea Strategy gives the region. 0912_AC_KnudAFirst out was Ulf Johansson, a veteran from the early years of B7, who now lives in the Estonian capital,Tallinn. He spoke out of perspecitve from both the eastern and the western side of the Baltic Sea. Catharina Sörensen, Danish expert at the DG Regio gave us the latest update on the outcome of the Baltic Sea Strategy.She was followed by another Dane, 0912_AC_UJMr. Knud Andersen from Danish Regions who is also a board member of BSSSC as well as representative at the EU Committee of the Regions. He shared his vision of the future with the audience. From the Kalmar region, that Öland belongs to, Chief Executive Officer, Håkan Brynielsson, and socialdemocratic MP, Lena Hallengren, gave their views on the regions work in the past and possibilities in the future. A panel discussion, led by B7 facilitator, David Hunt, ended the day.

TransPlan Information on Öland

On August 12, two representatives, Mr Anders Lindholm and Mr Bengt-Olof Grahn, from Gotland Municipality went to Öland to visit Borgholm Energy, the Municipality owned energy company on Öland. The  mission was to present the TransPlan project for interested politicians, civil servants, energy consultants and energy engineers in Öland.

 More than ten people were invited to the meeting, and the meeting was finally held for seven people from , Borgholm Municipality, Borgholm Energy company, Mörbylånga Municipality and the Regional Development Office from Öland.

 Bengt-Olof Grahn  made a presentation of the TransPlan project and described what has happened in the project so far. Anders Lindholm explained the work with the energy planning tool and the energy balance for Gotland.

 The presentation was followed by a discussion about what could be done on Öland. There was a big interest for the energy planning tool and the project itself but Öland has not been able to find time and recourses to make an energy balance within the frames of  TransPlan. However, Öland and Borgholm Energy will consider if they can try to use energy planning tool in a more moderate way during the last phase of the project.

Öland has had a good experience of the training sessions in Gotland and also the Midway meeting, many new important contacts have been taken and also a lot of new knowledge has been gained in the project.

 Energy initiatives that has been taken on Öland during the TransPlan or since 2007 are:

-         electrical car project

-         electric fuel station with electricity produced by wind power

-         investigation for production of electricity integrated in a power plant for district heating

-         biogas investigation



Youth Conference in November

17th to 19th of November, a youth conference will be held on Öland for youngsters aged 15 to 18. The Chairmanship also opens for older participants should it be requested from other islands. The conference is meant to be a continuation of the last B7 youth conference held on Bornholm 2007. The participants will get the chance to give their view on development of the Baltic Sea Islands. What would make them stay/return after University studies, for instance.

B7 Harvest Festival Meeting

dsc00258During the last weekend of September the B7 Board and Steering Committee met on Öland to visit the yearly Harvest Festival. This event has been going on for thirteen years and is still growing in numbers both in visitors and in activities. The visitors are guided to the different activities listed in the official catalogue by pumkins balancing on a bale of straw, the pumpkin being the official symbol of the event. The Chairmanship organised a seminar on agriculture and environment together with the Farmers Association. The seminar gathered almost 90 people who recieved information both about B7 and the new Sea environment proposition that the Swedish agricultural department has handed in to the parliament, and the local farmers' view on the same.

The B7 work group People to People was also meeting on Öland during this weekend to inform the visitors to the Harvest festival about B7 and sell products from the islands. During two hectic days they handed out hundreds of information folders and sold an extensive amount of B7 local produce.

B7 Board in Stockholm 27-28 Jan.


The B7 Öland Chairmanship began the year a programme in Stockholm. Here they visited the NordRegio Offices on Skeppsholm were the Board were surprised to learn that the B7 map is in fact a NordRegio map!

The Board also met Erik Kiesow of the Sweden Prime Ministers Office (centre of picture) and were given a briefing on the preparations for the coming Sweden EU Presidency, in particularly the focus on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

It is quite clear from this meeting and the Stakeholder meeting in Rostock on 05-06 February that the Sweden EU Presidency is putting a lot of political capital into a successful outcome.

As usual when the B7 visits Stockholm Åland organised that could hold the Board meeting at the offices they share with the Finnish Representation in Stockholm.

Artist from Öland to Rügen

rugen_artDuring September, Öland artist, Susanne Nyholm, shows 20 of her paintings at Town museum of Bergen, Rügen. It is a separate exhibition with only her work that opened first week of September and will go on until the end of the same month. The picture is from the Öland local paper, "Ölandsbladet", that gave this B7 related event good space. This is a good example of the different kind of exchanges that take place outside the normal B7 agenda. Susanne Nyholm has earlier had an exhibition in Paris, and will continue internationally in Haag, Holland and Bytow, Poland.

Introducing the Öland Chairmanship 2009!

Tommy Eliasson
B7 President 2009

Anders Nyholm
B7 Chair 2009

Susanne Bredesjö
Budge: Secretariat 


Seppo Ekelund

Mats Lindahl

President Tommy Eliasson and his team begin their turn to lead the B7 in a year where there are many challenges facing us.
This year there are council elections on Bornholm, EU Parliamentary elections. There is a new American President offering hope and change.
We celebrate 20 years, not only, of the B7 but also of the fall of the Berlin Wall that lead to a reunited Europe.

We have the opportunities in a Baltic Sea Strategy that hopefully can direct resources to solving some of the common challenges of pollution, sustainable energy, maritime safety and improving our quality of life.

As islands we must take advantage of the Swedish EU Presidency and policies aimed at territorial cohesion within the EU.

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