Mon, Oct 21, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network

On the 1st December the Öland chairmanship managed to gather 70 people in Borgholm on Öland to discuss the Future of the Baltic Sea. All the speakers had good views on how to use the oportunity the Baltic Sea Strategy gives the region. 0912_AC_KnudAFirst out was Ulf Johansson, a veteran from the early years of B7, who now lives in the Estonian capital,Tallinn. He spoke out of perspecitve from both the eastern and the western side of the Baltic Sea. Catharina Sörensen, Danish expert at the DG Regio gave us the latest update on the outcome of the Baltic Sea Strategy.She was followed by another Dane, 0912_AC_UJMr. Knud Andersen from Danish Regions who is also a board member of BSSSC as well as representative at the EU Committee of the Regions. He shared his vision of the future with the audience. From the Kalmar region, that Öland belongs to, Chief Executive Officer, Håkan Brynielsson, and socialdemocratic MP, Lena Hallengren, gave their views on the regions work in the past and possibilities in the future. A panel discussion, led by B7 facilitator, David Hunt, ended the day.

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