Mon, Oct 21, 2019


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On August 12, two representatives, Mr Anders Lindholm and Mr Bengt-Olof Grahn, from Gotland Municipality went to Öland to visit Borgholm Energy, the Municipality owned energy company on Öland. The  mission was to present the TransPlan project for interested politicians, civil servants, energy consultants and energy engineers in Öland.

 More than ten people were invited to the meeting, and the meeting was finally held for seven people from , Borgholm Municipality, Borgholm Energy company, Mörbylånga Municipality and the Regional Development Office from Öland.

 Bengt-Olof Grahn  made a presentation of the TransPlan project and described what has happened in the project so far. Anders Lindholm explained the work with the energy planning tool and the energy balance for Gotland.

 The presentation was followed by a discussion about what could be done on Öland. There was a big interest for the energy planning tool and the project itself but Öland has not been able to find time and recourses to make an energy balance within the frames of  TransPlan. However, Öland and Borgholm Energy will consider if they can try to use energy planning tool in a more moderate way during the last phase of the project.

Öland has had a good experience of the training sessions in Gotland and also the Midway meeting, many new important contacts have been taken and also a lot of new knowledge has been gained in the project.

 Energy initiatives that has been taken on Öland during the TransPlan or since 2007 are:

-         electrical car project

-         electric fuel station with electricity produced by wind power

-         investigation for production of electricity integrated in a power plant for district heating

-         biogas investigation



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