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Baltic Sea Days in Hiiumaa
Mon, Dec 16, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network

The B7 Hiiumaa Chairmanship has had two successful meetings in 2010: in Tallinn in January and in Brussels in March. The discussions have covered the topics of implementing common policies for the islands, with a special focus on the EU budget period from 2013, transport links, co-operation on the EU programmes and direct, people-to-people interaction between the islands.

Next week, on 26–29 May, there will be an opportunity to find out more about the co-operation since the B7 will be present in Hiiumaa as one of the organisers of the Baltic Sea Days.

The Baltic Sea Days is a big event which brings together various activities and multiple actors. On 27–28 May, the B7 will help to organise the traditional Rudolf Tobias music days for school children. The B7 will also contribute to the conference Life in Small Communities on 27–28 May, together with Hiiu County Government, the Finnish Embassy, NGO Hiidlaste Koostöökogu, NGO Arhipelaag, Europe Direct and West-Estonia Tourism Association.

The conference will consist of seminars Life-Quality in Small Communities and Creative Industries in Small Communities taking place in Kärdla on 27 May. The third seminar, Tourism in Small Communities starts in Viskoosa village on the morning of 28 May and moves to Tahkuna lighthouse in the afternoon.

The key speaker at the seminar Life-Quality in Small Communities will be the well-known sociologist Jüri Uljas, who has recently carried out a survey “Hiiumaa and Its People”. It is a remarkable survey being the third of its kind within 15 years, providing a good opportunity to study how the attitudes and perspectives of a small and restricted community have been evolving over the years. At the same time, the findings will give a comparison with life quality in big cities.

The Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Vladimir Shokman will speak about the results of a survey on life quality in the town of Tartu, and Mathias Bergman from the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) will present the suggestions made by the community initiative BSAG on how to improve life quality.

As the seminar is part of the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme project New Bridges, the project leader Sakari Saarinen from Turku, Finland will give an overview of the project objectives and results.

The afternoon of 27 May will be dedicated to the seminar Creative Industries in Small Communities, featuring internationally renowned speakers in the field of creative economy from Finland, the United States and Estonia.

The tourism seminar on 28 May will focus on strengthening links between Finland and Estonia. New tourist attractions in Finland will be talked about as well as the expectations held by tourists and hosts at both ends of the sea.

The conference will be framed by the Finnish Days with a number of concerts, exhibitions, workshops and performances all over Hiiumaa. The Baltic Sea Days will end with the Garfish Festival on 29 May.

See the conference programme at www.kogu.hiiumaa.ee

Welcome to the Baltic Sea Days!

Reet Kokovkin
B7 Chair of the Board 2010

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