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2011 Rügen
Mon, Dec 16, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network

2011 Rügen Chairmanship

uwe ahlers (medium)
B7 President
B7 Board  Chair
Martina Schwinkendorf - Chair of B7 Board
B7 Secretariat
Uwe Ahlers Christoph Löwen Martina Schwinkendorf Jan Trenkmann Nadine Stüdemann

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B7 Steering Committee & Board Meetings in 2011:                                         

Jan 20        
Board Meeting (Web Conference)
Mar 29-31   
SC & Board Meeting (Brussels)
May 23  
SC & Board Meeting (Rügen)
Sep 27-28   
Board Meeting (Schwerin)

Nov 21-23  
SC & Board Meeting (Rügen)

                                   Events in 2011:

JAN 11
- Opening of Rügen Chairmanship / Press conference (Rügen)
MAR 02 - PtP-Cooking Class “Perfect B7 Dinner” (Rügen)
MAR 05 - APR 10 - Photo exhibition from Hiiumaa at the Rügen Gallery in Putbus
MAR 29 – 31 -
Visit at the EU-Information Office of M-V and other EU-institutions (Brussels)
MAY 19 - 20 - General Assembly of CPMR Islands Commission (Saaremaa) 
 MAY 24 - B7 Conference on “Traditional Coastal Fishery and EU-Fishery policies” (Rügen)
MAY 25 - Visit of the German Federal Foreign Ministry and the German "Bundestag" (Berlin)
MAY 29 – JUN 4 -
B7 PtP Exhibition “Scene Change – Messages and Visions” (Rügen)
JUN 15 – 18 - Almedal week (Bornholm)
JUL 03 – 10 - Almedal week (Gotland)
JUL 08 – 10 - B7 Day (Rügen)
SEP 09 - 30  - B7 PtP Exhibition of artists from Hiiumaa (Rügen)   
SEP 09 – 11 - B7 Presentation at the “RÜGANA” fair (Rügen)
SEP 19 - 20 - Visit of the „Landkreistag“ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the European Department of the State Chancellery (Schwerin)
OCT 05 – 07 - Annual Conference of BSSSC (Sczcecin)
OCT 24 – 27 - Baltic Development Forum Summit 2011 (Gdansk)
NOV 21 – 23 - B7 Annual Conference (Rügen)


B7 Day on Rügen, 8 July 2011

This year´s B7 Day took place in Putbus, the "white town" on the Rügen Island on 8th of July 2011. The B7 Workgroup "People to People" prepared a presentation of the B7 and its islands at the "Lifestyle" fair, a special meeting point for all people interested in gardens, decorations, antiquities, jewellery, home asseccories, etc. B7 k-hv_1_b7representatives from Rügen, Bornholm, Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Gotland presented their regional products and informed about the B7 Baltic Islands Network.

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B7 at the German Bundestag, 25 May 2011

k-DSC_0558The B7 representatives visited the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Bundestag on 25th of May 2011. At the German Foreign Ministry they had a meeting with Mr. Gerhard Almer, Head of Task Force for the German Presidency of the CBSS 2011/2012. He explained the chances and challenges during the period of presidency this year and the possible cooperation with the B7.
At the German Bundestag the B7 delegation met with Mr. Christian Ahrendt, Parliamentary Chairman of the FDP Parliamentary party in the German Bundestag and Mrs. Dr. Christel Happach-Kasan, member of the German Bundestag. Here, the topic of the current critical situation of the small scale fisheries was again discussed.
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B7 sends condolence letters to Japanese professors

Last year, two Japanese professors, Yoko Ogashiwa from Hiroshima University and Yuma Kawahara from Okayama University, spent five days on Hiiumaa to learn about the B7 network. In consideration of the current disastrous occurrences in Japan, the 2011 B7 President, Mr. Uwe Ahlers, sent them letters of condolences to express the heartfelt sympathy and sorrow from all B7 Islands for all the victims and the great number of injured and missing people after the tsunami.

B7 invites to Fishery Conference in Sassnitz, Rügen

The current situation of the traditional coastal fishery in the Baltic Sea Region is almost equally difficult on all B7 IslanFotolia_14599652_XSds. Due to that reason B7 invites the relevant policymakers to Rügen for the B7 Fisheries Conference and a common exchange of information and experiences on this topic. Rügen as the presidential B7 Island would like to lobby for the maintaining of traditional coastal fishery in the Baltic Sea Area and act on behalf of the local fishermen.

B7 Conference "Maintaining the traditional Coastal Fishery with regard to the current EU Fisheries Policy"
Town Hall of Sassnitz, Rügen
24th May 2011, 9:00 - 15:00


B7 Cooking Course - That´s how it tastes on the Baltic Sea Islands

k-P1010622What are the preferred dishes of people living on the swedish island Gotland? And what do the residents of the estonian islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa like to eat for dinner? To get answers to these questions 17 amateur chefs from Rügen took part into a special B7 cooking course on the 2nd of March at the Grone Schoole in Bergen. They prepared a colourful buffet with 18 different dishes typical on the islands and asked the invited experts about the secrets of the island´s cuisine. Of course all the delicious dishes were tasted, together with the invited partners.
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