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Meet Art 2013
Mon, Oct 21, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network

MEET ART from the B7 Islands Network

The artists were invited to Åland during the 23th – 31th May 2013 to craft and install site specific art in Ålands Andelsslakteri.   Meet Art of 2013 was a site specific art exhibition located in an abandoned slaughterhouse in Gölby and cooperation between artists from seven islands in the Baltic Sea. The invited artist were Lene Degett from Bornholm, Ellen Kock & Stefan Walkowiak from Rügen, Richard Kuusk from Saaremaa, Helle Kvamme Öland, Berit Ångman Svedjemo from Gotland, Valev & Kalli Sein from Hiiumaa, Anna Holmström, Mia Englund and Annukka Turakka from Åland. The group has had earlier exhibitions together on Rügen and Gotland. A vernissage for the exhibition has held 30th of May and the exhibition was open until the 16th of August. lunch

The artists and their assistants build networks and took part in culture and nature on the Åland Islands. The group had lunch by the slaughterhouse and dinner was prepared together at the boarding-house. The 28th of May the group made a day trip to get to know the host island a bit. The day included a guided tour at the castle in Kastelholm as well as a lunch at Smakbyn sponsored by B7. The day continued with a visit in the artist Juha Pykäläinen´s studio and a tour to Bomarsund. Because of the art museum on Åland being closed for reconstructions during the summer it felt important to be able to show modern art someplace else in Gölby in the centre of main land Åland. Another goal was to show possibilities with the abandon slaughterhouse and maybe attract new actors to use it. With good publicity we managed to attract the local population and tourists to a different art exhibition. The number of visitors was 271 and many pieces of good art were created. The response from both artist and the public has been positive.


The goal is to continue the cooperation between the islands and an exhibition was planned for Bornholm 2014. Minna Öberg who was the project leader on Åland 2013 was there 22th – 25th of August to look at possible locations for a common exhibition. However with Bornholm leaving from 2014 we’re hoping for a Meet Art project to take place on Hiiumaa instead.


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