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2014 Hiiumaa
Sun, Jan 26, 2020


B7 Baltic Islands Network

 2014 Hiiumaa Chairmanship

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President of B7
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Riho Rahuoja


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Chair of B7
Piret Sedrik


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Reet Kokovkin


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Aivi Telvik


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Chairmanship Programme

Hiiumaa 2014 Chairmanship Programme

The role of B7 is to speak for islands interests

Knud AndersenOne of the "founding fathers" of B7 back in 1989, Knud Andersen, came to speak in the Annual and Tourism Conference of B7 on 26-27th of November 2014. In his address to the representatives of Baltic islands, he said:
"The reason for Bornholm to leave the B7 is, probably, because the present government is elected based upon the policy for kindergartens, elderly care and social care; no-one was elected based upon the policy for development. Since the restructuring reform in Denmark in 2004, five regions were created to advance development and creating jobs. It is the responsibility for regions and out of hands of ordinary municipality to deal with development. Last 15 years I have been the member of the Committee of Regions in Brussels. B7 is well known and well respected in Brussels. While preparing the policy for the Baltic Sea Strategy, we used a lot of the ideas from B7. You can even read sentences and ideas made by B7 in this document. We said in this document that we do not need more money but better coordination in EU. If we believe that our National associations, in Denmark, will take care of island issues, we fail. At least in Denmark, the national associations care about Copenhagen, they don't care about islands. We have our own worries and responsibilities concerning regional policy. More and more we see policies made in Brussels, less in national capitals. We live in outskirts of Europe and development, we have to stick and support each other to make a strong voice.

I cannot make Bornholm come back to B7. What I can suggest, is to reorganise B7 and to look at whether it has to be an island to be a member of B7. You keep the B7 headline because it is a strong label. Look for the remote areas in the Baltic area that badly need development, as much as islands need, or look for smaller islands; this to keep on the voice strong in EU system to speak about regional policy. Personally I am convinced that regional policy in EU will become more and more important. Why? I'll give an example: you cannot talk just about an average development in Italy because there are big differences between South and North parts in Italy. You have to look at regional level of development while distributing your money and support. Because of that I convinced that regional policy will become more and more important issue, we have to have all people involved in progress. In bigger cities where development is ongoing it is less important than in smaller regions. It is a wrong time to reduce the cooperation in Baltic area."

B7 continues to cooperate in 2015-16 under the Presidency of Saaremaa. The main projects will be B7 art project in 2015, B7 Youth Sport Games in 2016, and political networking on the level of local Governments.

B7 25th Annual Conference was successful

Six members of Baltic Islands Network gathered to Hiiumaa to celebrate the 25th Annual Conference and thematic Conference on Maritime Tourism on 26th and 27th of November 2014. Because of the heavy fog in Visby, Stockholm, Tallinn and Kärdla, the delegates from Gotland arrived with one day delay. Hence, the Annual Conference on Wednesday, on the 26th, turned out to be a seminar discussing the future of the cooperation. The participants were prominent: in addition to the Governors and Mayors of islands, former members of B7 were present: Knud Andresen from Bornholm, and Anu Vares, Tarmo Pikner and Toomas Kasemaa from Saaremaa. The common position was, that cooperation must be changed to less bureaucratic, dealing with concrete projects like B7 youth games and art project, but remaining as working body for islands contacts.

On Thursday, when Gotland, with proxy from Öland, finally arrived, the Steering Committee confirmed the decision to remain as B7. Wille Valve, the Foreign Minister of Åland said: "The political commitment is important. We cannot solve problems like marine pollution alone; the voice of all islands is needed".

Steering Committee also agreed that the label of B7 is very well known in Europe, there is no need to change it.

Next B7 Chair Island for two years to come is Saaremaa, the President of B7 is Kaido Kaasik.

In conference centre at Kassari Recreation CentreNext B7 Chair Island for two years to come is Saaremaa

b7 2014 900x600

See the tourist conference presentations and photos at NGO West-Estonia Tourism homepage.

Reet Kokovkin
B7 Secretary

Jessica Josefsson leaving the B7 Board

Jessica JosefssonJessica Josefsson of Åland Government, the member of the B7 Board, is leaving her position. „From next Monday, August 25th I will start a new chapter in my life and go on maternity leave", says Jessica.

On behalf of the President of B7, we thank her for the excellent job and we all are very happy for Jessica.

B7 Annual Conference in Hiiumaa was successful

Estonian TV3 channel broadcasted nation vide a clip on B7 25th Annual and Tourist Conference which was this year organised in cooperation with West-Estonian Tourist Association on 26th and 27th of November 2014. More than hundred participants came to discuss maritime tourism issues.

As B7 input to the Conference were three presentation:
From Knud Andersen, Bornholm - Tourism and Environment. Is it gone with the wind?
Martina Schwinkendorf, B7 Rügen - Small entrepreneurship in islands as a way of living
Hanna Westerin, B7 Gotland - Success stories from Gotland: How to make rich in six weeks.

Watch the TV3 clip here.

Baltic islands greeted Kärdla Marina

Tommy Eliasson at marina„We are happy for Hiiumaa and Kärdla", said Tommy Eliasson from Öland in his greeting at the occasion of opening the new Marina. Representatives of The Baltic Islands Network B7 participated in the opening ceremony of Kärdla Yach Harbour on 24th of May 2014. The day earlier, B7 held a seminar on the EU policy and future of B7 cooperation. The key speaker was Hannes Rumm, the Head of the EU Commission Representation in Estonia. Other guests were H.E. Aleksi Härkönen Ambassador of Finland, Janne Tamminen Secretary of CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and Georg Linkov Vice President of CoReg.

During the discussion, B7 island representatives highlighted some of the most urgent issues in island's agendas: sustainable energy, prevention of sea pollution, decrease of population and integration of refugees.

In the morning session of the B7 Steering Committee meeting, on the 24ht of May, the updated Charter of B7 was adopted and made a decision to partly support teams of islands with the transport costs to the upcoming B7 Youth Sport Games.


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