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Riho Rahuoja, the President of B7 2014
Mon, Dec 16, 2019


B7 Baltic Islands Network

riho rahuojaDear islander of Baltic Seven Islands B7

Hiiumaa has taken over the B7 Chairmanship for 2014, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Network. This Chairmanship period is remarkable because we have such an outstanding past to base upon for the future. Hiiumaa has planned the agenda for this year according to the new B7 Strategy 2014-2020, focusing to the renewal of the cooperation as well as the strenghtening the political position among the organisations in Baltic Sea Region and EU.

It is very importand to to be visible in the EU political arena, but equally important is to be seen in our islands. We need, that our islanders recognise and value the benefits of the coopration. Alone we are island in the outscirts of our countries, together we are the centre of the Baltic Sea with the population more than 260 000 people.

We have many challenges in our way, one of them is to make our citizens more happy with the living environment of islands. Our strategy states: WORKING TOGETHER TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. The B7 islands can offer an attractive living environment with a sustainable development. Connecting their people, professionals and businesses across borders, the B7 cooperation has contributed to put the islands more in control of their own destiny.

As a President of the B7, I wish you and our network a successful year of working.


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